Great Site – You Have Already Changed My Yoga Practice

Great site. I am a body worker - craniosacral and acupuncture - and I am very pleased to find your site. You have already changed my yoga practice. I have been aware of the 'decontracting' process for some time but you have now given me the confidence to use it regularly. I don't know why I didn't trust it earlier.

I found your site searching 'yoga cramping muscles' and your site was the only one that addressed the real issues. Got the usual potassium, calcium, magnesium and dehydration stuff. But yours was saying what I knew to be true.

Scott Brisbane
Body Worker

Remember To Breathe!

I am writing to let you know that your articles have made me realize a few things about fitness. I am a retired athlete (formerly with the Canadian National Ski Team) and I am now simply keeping myself fit. I see that, when you talk about stretching, you understand the movements we used to centre ourselves and elongate the muscles (rather than have them bunched up as bumps on our arms, thighs, calves). We used many of the same stretching tips that are in your book, but at that time we did not know that they were yoga-inspired. I now understand better what we were doing and why.

When you say to try to remember to breathe and to remind yourself to breathe, this is another thing that I do and I agree with you that this is very beneficial. It helps so much when I take three to five deep breaths from my belly up to my chest. It relaxes me immediately. It I take ten deep breaths, it is even better. My mind gets more centered, my system, body, relaxes, and it is like a, yes, “miracle”. To me, the breathing is extremely important in any kind of exercise. It is the base line to every movement, feeds the oxygen to our blood and gives us the strength and power to do the exercises, no matter what the discipline.

Denise E. Crichton
St. Sauveur, Quebec, Canada

Different From Most Books

"It is different from most books on self-help issues, but I think that is a plus, rather than a drawback. It is well-referenced, and the references work! One thing I hate is a dead-end reference, where you spend useless time looking for something that is not there.

"The English is good, simple, and well-stated… to reach everyone, not just the erudite few.

"… and I now Glide on my way to the bank, the supermarket, and even down to the beer store. Makes me conscious of just how uptight our muscles really are in an unconscious body. Taking the time to breathe, and to relax into our bodies—even while doing the little everyday things—is a big change, and getting rid of all the resistance makes a big difference. I think you have done a good job on the book!"

Frank Pridham
Detoxification Therapist | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Innovative Concepts

"I have been actively athletic since high school, have won athletic awards, and worked as a coach for several sports. For 15 years, I enjoyed a career as a Squash professional, competing and coaching in Toronto. I still coach, run, swim, play tennis and squash, do yoga and tae chi, ski, shovel snow, walk my dogs, hike, and enjoy all forms of movement. Since I read your book a year ago, my body has changed—your innovative concepts have infiltrated and altered the understanding of exercise that I had held for many years! My life is one big athletic flow, which I now Glide through! I hope this gives you some insight into why your book has touched a deep chord with me."

Anita Kennedy
Professional Athlete | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Learning How To Use Our Bodies

"After reading your book, and looking at the way people move, I realized that we really do not know how to use our bodies. Frankly, nobody does it well. I think you have a great possibility to do the missionary work."

F. A. Homonay
Ph.D.; CEO, Chief Seattle Foundation | Montreal, Quebec, Canada