Grace GrahamGrace Graham, B.A. (philosophy) is a certified Shiatsu therapist, as well as a personal trainer certified by CORFIT (Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers).

With several decades of experience as a Shiatsu therapist, Grace now teaches a Body Awareness course based on techniques from various body-mind disciplines. Grace has practised Iyengar yoga since 1978, which has influenced all of her work and is reflected in the methods and movements in Get Fit, Not Injured.

Grace’s passion is to make common-sense fitness accessible to all of us, including the bed-ridden, the obese, and the handicapped. This passion shows clearly when Grace shows you how to use your body as its own weight-resistance gym and how to gain mastery of your body and its pain.

Grace has devoted most of her adult life to delivering the message (and the tools to make it happen) that exercise is about the joy of learning to use your body – not punishing, overworking, and injuring it.

She has discovered that exercise does and should feel good.