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I am always looking for others who say the same as I do about using the body more effortlessly. I found out that there are others who use similar prompts, such as my “Groucho Walk” and “Elephant Pelvis”, and that the term “Groucho running” has been used (by someone other than myself) as long ago as during the 1980s. See the Groucho and elephant links on this page.


All of the links here are to people (and ideas) that are compatible with a Gliding way of life. The links on the left of the page are directly related to the structure and mechanics of the (external) body. Links on the right are related to what we feed the (internal) body and organs and where it comes from (the earth).


While I developed my techniques for minus-impact fitness (where the benefit outweighs the impact and the risk), I noticed a trend, over several decades, towards low-impact movement and structural reversal (undoing the damage that living has done to us, and then rebuilding a new structure). There are links here to exercise programs that I do like and that are part of this trend.


Frank Pridham (1941-2007). Frank stressed the importance of juice fasts (for detoxification) in combination with colonic irrigation to remove the toxins released during the fast (to prevent the body from reabsorbing the toxins). Most of the time, the fast and the irrigation are not done together. What Frank disseminated is that the detox is done by the fasting (the juices), and the toxins are deposited into the intestine. Hence, doing the colonics together with the fasting is a two-tiered approach to cleaning the body. When they are not done together, there is a chance that you will retoxify yourself. Doing the detox without the cleanse can give the detox a bad rap. Frank Pridham in Memoriam
Click on the photo for more. Frank helped hundreds, mainly using juice fasts and colonic irrigation. Visit Frank’s Legacy.

Swimming: Others Describe a Similar Approach

Tim Ferriss describes how he learned to love swimming by using Terry Laughlin’s method, making the same adjustments to the “standard” techniques that are probably still being taught in basic swimming classes.

Tim Ferriss’s Blog Entry

Terry Laughlin’s Site

Tim Ferriss’s Site

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The Coconut Research Center site offers intelligent and thorough research, recipes, and articles that help us to understand the many benefits of coconut and palm oils.Click the coconuts for more information about the health benefits of all parts of this amazing food.

Visit the Coconut Research Center.


Universal Yoga (Andrey Lappa) speaks as I do of swimming and pranayama (that swimming forces you to breathe properly). He also emphasizes breathing as more important than speed!

Universal Yoga (Pranayama in water)




Virgin Coconut Oil BookRead all about the benefits of virgin coconut oil in this great book. Click the book to check it out on Amazon (affiliate link).


Ian Jackson: “Breathing Games” and “Feeling Your Running”

The runner whose articles have impressed me for many years shares my ideas of breathing games (meditation and yoga breathing exercises).

In Jackson’s article, “Fine Tune Your Running“, he emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the feelings you experience while running, to use those feelings to fine tune your running (“Feeling Your Running” is the last topic heading of the article). This is the same approach that I espouse (the mind-body connection).


BKS Iyengar: Breathing

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John Schumacher: Is Iyengar Yoga Rigid?

Watch the John Schumacher Interview:

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John Schumacher on Alignment in Iyengar Yoga

Watch John Schumacher here:



The Enigma of Groucho Walking

In a 2003 EurekAlert article by Dawn Levy (Stanford University), several significant points are raised, all leading to the same enigma that I stumbled upon while experimenting with Groucho walking. This painless, effortless, enjoyable fluid forward movement—is it walking or is it running?

Researchers studying the biomechanics of elephants remain puzzled by whether the way they move “at high speed” is actually walking or running. To describe the puzzle and the enigma they were dealing with, they compared the unusual “running gait” of the elephants to Groucho (Marx) walking/running.


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Comparing the Gaits of Groucho Marx and Elephants

EurekAlert: Dawn Levy, Stanford

CBC: Elephants Run Like Groucho

Stanford Report: April 9, 2003

NewScientist Magazine April 2003

Animal Planet: Elephants’ Legs Work Like Four-Wheel Drive

Gabrielle Roth: Dance, Music, Exercise

“Sweat your prayers” – Gabrielle Roth. Gabrielle has followers from all levels of fitness (including wheelchair-bound) and of all ages (from adolescent to over 90).

Gabrielle Roth Music, Dance, Exercise

There are some exercise programs and equipment that I condone. Some other types of exercise have value, as long as you do them with “Gliding Awareness”.


Pilates is good, but watch for the contracting of the abdominals, which should be done using Chi Kung Breathing so that you are not continuously restricting your abdominals and causing tension. I like the Pilates Reformer.

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Tony Little offers good exercise and the Gazelle Edge that I believe to be an excellent aid to exercise.

Tony Little’s Site

The BowFlex Home Gym is a good system if it suits you. It is all in how you use it.