For just a minute, let yourself imagine that I have figured out a way for you to walk or run that feels amazing and also takes away your body pain. Just so you know, I had been dealing with this kind of pain for years. I figured this out for you while running, which I had previously abandoned as painful and unproductive. I found walking to be very jarring for my body. To deal with that, I adjusted my posture and pace until I found myself neither walking nor running but at the same time doing a little of both (walking-running-floating-gliding is how I first attempted to describe it).

Why did I find it easier to run than to walk? As a heavy person with body pain, walking slowly causes my weight to stay longer on each foot, because of gravity, than it does when I am moving in a way that looks more like a run. When I watch my dog walk, she seems to plod along slowly and tick-tock from side to side, but seems happier at a trot.

I watched elephants walk and mimicked their feet and suddenly felt more feelings in my legs, some of them painful. Noticing that when I let the painful areas relax as I breathed through them, I got the idea that those areas were painful because I hadn’t been using them.

Imagine your body running like a horse and start to feel your hip muscles while imagining being in the horse’s body.

My Mission

I knew I was onto something that was too good to keep to myself and that many of you could really benefit from. It was so easy and it felt so great that I knew I had to share it. Doing so became a fire that, once lit, could not be extinguished.

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My Mission Is To Help You Move Without Pain
Is Your Body Painful Walking? Discover Gliding Body Movements - so easy and they feel so great! My mission is to help you. Find out more here.