Have you tried the pre-packaged “fitness solutions” that are offered?
Do any of them deal with the causes of the “Shape you’re in”?
Do any of them improve anything about your posture or fitness?
Revealed here are the causes of the shape you’re in.
The causes are all directly related specifically to you:
your movements, habits, injuries, choices.

Posture and Fitness Problems - Causes and Solutions

Using Your Daily Movements to Become Fit!

A lifetime of daily living is where we find the causes of everything that needs fixing with our shape and posture. Is it any surprise then that in our daily movements we find the solutions to reversing everything that is out of whack? Gliding uses the same daily movements that got you here to get you to your personal best posture and shape. Imagine that from the time you arise, and throughout your day, your every move serves not just to get you from “Point A” to “Point B”, or to “get things done”, but also serves to improve your posture, and to work important muscles. Effectively, your daily movements become your workout, all day, every day, as you go about your daily routine and business, imperceptibly improving your body and your self, and eliminating the need for “workout time”.




I first heard the term shape-shifting used by Gabrielle Roth to describe her dance methods. The concept is also represented by the animated logo on get-fit-not-injured.com: the person learning to move with the fluidity and grace of an animal.

Shape-shifting is the goal, the activity, and the result of working backwards through the damage that living has done to us—through a lifetime of your body’s quirks, anomalies, peculiarities, bad habits, and past injuries, undoing the damage one step at a time. We got into the shape we are in one movement at a time, one injury at a time, one emotional reaction at a time (Gliding also deals with the effects of our emotions on our posture and structure).

Apparently magically and mysteriously, the very first movement you make “à la Gliding” brings your body’s attention to the body part that most needs attention. The mystery, however, is easily solved—the basic stances and movements of Gliding attempt to take your body to its best posture. Immediately and inevitably, the first, worst obstacle to your own best and perfect posture presents itself (through pain, the body’s messenger). This painful sticking point (where the body resists) is where it needs work right now! At this point, your journey through shape-shifting has begun!

Until your body directs you to another area to work on, you will be preoccupied with working this sticking point. Your memory and intuition will also involve themselves, for example, you may remember an old injury and at the same time see the mental picture of how a chain of events led from the injury to frozen posture or frozen body parts. This deconstruction is followed immediately by the reconstruction of form and posture into your own best posture (unique to each of us). Shortly after I realized what shape-shifting is and that it was happening to me, friends asked whether I was losing weight (I was not). This made me realize that my shape was shifting, and that this is the ultimate goal of Gliding.

Only at your own peril can you ignore the shape that you are in right now. Only at your own risk can you take on a strenuous exercise routine that can damage what is well, and further damage what is not well! That is why I say that none of the mass-market fitness programs can even come close to Gliding, simply because they are all pre-packaged and ignore your needs, which are entirely unique to you!


The body’s design is symmetric, and so it has both the potential for and the ability to achieve symmetry, which is its natural state! In symmetry, the body feels good and functions smoothly. Asymmetry causes the body to malfunction, which causes pain, plus misshapen stance and posture. If not corrected, things go from bad to worse.

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Posture and Fitness Problems - Causes and Solutions
Article Name
Posture and Fitness Problems - Causes and Solutions
For decades, I tried the pre-packaged "solutions" that were offered—none of which dealt with the causes of the "shape I was in" and none of which improved anything about my posture or fitness. Something intuitive led me to the movements that revealed to me the causes of the shape I was in. The causes are all directly related specifically to me: my movements, habits, injuries, choices. The same applies to you.