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Introduction To Body Fitness With Gliding

Why it is so important to ‘get fit, not injured’. How to start, and where to start.

The Birth of Gliding – Body Movements

The tale of how I went from being the least likely fitness expert to the ‘inventor’ of Gliding and of Fitness for the Fit, the Fat, and the Fallen.

An Evolution in Fitness

An evolution in fitness that began in the 1970s has never stopped (starting with low-impact, then no-impact, and now minus-impact shape-shifting, using Gliding).
Triangle Yoga Posture

Posture and Fitness Problems – Causes and Solutions

The causes of our structural anomalies and other problems with our posture, ‘shape’ and state of fitness are found in the same place as the solutions: in our daily movements, in injury, and in compensation (the body’s response to injury and other events that it is forced to cope with throughout its life). Emotional and physical holding patterns also contribute to frozen posture and also hold keys to the solution. The ultimate solution is shape-shifting, working our way back through it all until we restore our own best perfect posture.

Gliding is the antidote to Civilian Human Movement: borrowed from Glen Cunningham, founder of CORFIT, the term refers to uncontrolled movements—the tendency to flop into a chair or down a flight of stairs. By making you aware of your movements, Gliding seeks to correct the effects of this victim of gravity mode. Whether you want a program to follow or you prefer an intuitive approach, here we have fitness programs and timetables, including a non-program for those who do not follow programs!

The Essence of Gliding – Body Movements

The starting point of shape-shifting by Gliding is in your mind and your attitude. Listen to the clues your body gives you. Understand your body, so you can work with it, not against it. Shape-shift by Gliding your way through your daily movements. Here we find the most important body adjustments to remember and to use at all times, in all of our movements. Simple improvements to your breathing, how you hold your shoulders and your back. Important muscles to be aware of and to use. Ways to move for all-day fitness, and moves to make (in a few minutes) that the pros use to stretch and to strengthen.

The Basics Of Gliding

The principles presented here are fundamental to understanding the exercises, movements, massages, and advanced topics in the rest of the book.

Aeration and aerobics, and the important difference between them! Tricks and tips to break the monotony of exercise, and to increase the effectiveness of any exercise. Basic breathing techniques, the best breathing techniques to use. Breathing games to assist exercise and movement. This chapter also includes Bad Habits: Recognizing and reversing the worst of your bad habits, old and new, for maximum results! Gliding allows you to start improving your fitness and posture immediately, while you work on changing bad habits.

Pain As A Teacher And The Pain Paradox

Explore the apparent contradiction of getting into pain to get out of pain!



What is wrong with much of what we have always believed about posture. What is good posture, and how to find your body’s own best posture, so that it can grow into it.


Breathing is first on all of my lists of the most important things we have to know and do to become or remain fit. Swimming forces beneficial yoga-inspired breathing, making swimming a good way to help us to breathe well.

Physical Visualization (Images that Induce Feeling)

A physical visualization is an image that induces a feeling. This is visualization made physical. To help you along the road to shape shifting, a mental picture of a familiar movement allows you to manifest the image and the movement in your body. The result is exercise that feels like play.

Sleep Healing

They say that the only time we heal is while we are sleeping. Gliding in your sleep (sleep healing) goes beyond passive sleep healing!

Get into Water – Swimming And Bathtub Exercises

Whether tub, lake, or swimming pool, any opportunity that you can take advantage of to get into water is an opportunity to help your body to move more easily and to move in ways that are difficult to impossible on land..

Get Into Water - SwimmingStretching Exercises (Tension and Release)

How muscles work (the contraction cycle). When muscles do not work (do not contract), and stretching (the one thing that a muscle cannot do without your help). Recognizing and dealing with the different types of muscle spasm that can prevent you from exercising effectively.

Walking and Running

Which is better for you? How to run-Glide without the risk of injury from jogging. When and how to walk or run, and the benefits and risks of both. Your body is an all-terrain vehicle that benefits from diverse terrain, climate, seasons and activities. Ways to turn a walk (even a walk around the yard) into a workout, using landscape and natural elements.

Floor Exercises

Eleven of my favorite exercises (all easy enough for a couch potato to do) that require nothing more than a floor! I replaced all the working out (that I once did in a gym) with 30 minutes of these stretching, invigorating, and body-shaping movements!
Floor Exercises

Body Weight-Resistance Home Gym

Your body can be your own weight-resistance gym! The important part of weight-resistance training is the resistance, not the weight. This topic shows you how to use your own body and a few common objects to give yourself a weight-resistance workout!

At Home Exercises

Emphasizes the importance of coordinating muscle and bone (aligning the muscles to the skeletal structure) while bicycling, sitting in a chair, driving, standing. Contains several movements adapted from the martial arts, from osteopathy, and from isometrics.

Exercise Tips And Tricks

These tasty morsels do not fit easily into other chapters. Many are tips and tricks that have been helpful to me while learning to move and to exercise. Some of them dispel myths and misconceptions that are commonly held and rarely challenged.

Bodywork Massage Therapy

Learn the important difference between massage and massage therapy. Learn how modern bodywork and massage therapy addresses and works on the causes of chronic pain.

Get Fit, Even if You Are Injured!

Injury can affect your ability to Glide, alter how you Glide, and make you glad that you Glided before you were injured!



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