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Saddlebags or Bone?

I never heard of manipulating your greater trochanter before. I have saddlebags (I am age 36) that stick out and look out of place so that my thigh and hip line doesn’t look even and smooth when looking straight at me but exercise won’t do me much good since there isn’t much flesh on my trochanters in the first place (I’m 5 feet tall and weigh about 98 pounds). I have no idea why mine stick out on both sides like they do but they look ugly and it ruins the look of slim-fitting pants. They remind me of saddlebags like the American idol singer Kelly Clarkson even though hers might be just due to excess muscle/fat.

Just to clarify, trochanters are saddlebags, right? Do you have instructional books on your website that you recommend in helping to correct my dilemma as much as I could?

 Hi. Thanks for your interest and for your good question. The trochanter is bone, and saddlebags are fat. You are not fat, but maybe your trochanter bone protrudes due to posture, or is not covered with muscle in the right places.

My book is the only book I have on this, and you are welcome to keep reading it on the site. If there are sections that you cannot access, you can use the “Free Signup” page to set up a user name and password to log in for access to more of the topics. The book is being revised and is in its final edit. For now, the rewrite in progress is available without cost.

The best way to fix your gait, to find out your gait, is to go out for walks and play with many different ways of walking and you will feel (by peeling your feet when you walk… meaning, use the whole foot to walk, not just letting the feet slap the ground) which muscles feel as if they are waking up.

Someone who is 5 feet, and 98 pounds would not likely feel the need to exercise, but I find that if we do not exercise, our body will do what it wants with us.

Do you go for any massage or bodywork? Some people don’t have pain and so do not feel the need for bodywork or massage therapy. If you feel you need a body makeover, it is always a good thing to do and go for a series of Hellerwork sessions if you have any practitioners in your area. The sessions always include walking and postural learning. If not, I would be happy to continue with you this way.

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