What Can You Do Right Now To Start Gliding Your Way To fitness?


Conscious breathing (any of many techniques from yoga and other disciplines) lowers blood pressure, relaxes your body, dilates airways and arteries, making it easier for you to move, exercise, get through your day, and to sustain any effort that you undertake.

Drop Your Shoulders

Right now, you can drop your shoulders. You can stretch. Very quickly, you can learn to remind yourself (many times daily) to drop your shoulders. You can learn effective stretching. You can learn to turn every movement of every day into exercise. Keep reading. It is all here.

Get into Water!

Getting into water makes movement easier and more effective—easier because joints become more flexible, and move with less effort and reduced pain; more effective because muscles work harder to overcome the resistance of the water. Merely being in water invites your whole body to move. Most of the muscles in your body are used during a swim, workout, or casual exercise in water.

Two topics guide you through effective exercise in water:

Exploring the Bodily Temple (Body Fun)

Getting to know your own body and its particular needs accelerates structural reversal; builds and massages muscle; corrects alignment and posture; stretches and relaxes your whole body. A self-directed aerobic workout is as effective as one that you have to leave your home for, and much of it can be done in the bath, which enhances and completes the experience.

Relaxed, private, blissful hours of in-home warm-up, workout, and bath convert travel time to exploration time, with an additional benefit: when you are finished your self-directed workout, you are already at home—the place most conducive to relaxation.

Listen to Your Body

Your body knows what it needs and it is always trying to tell you. Listening to it is not as esoteric or as difficult as it may seem. The body speaks a very simple language (by itching, aching, etc.). Listening to your body is part of the mind-body connection and is the key to feeling where your body needs adjusting right now.

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Things you can do right now to start Gliding your way to fitness.