The Birth of Gliding - Body Movements

In 1970, in my late teens and already overweight, I knew that I had to get up and move. I have always enjoyed swimming, and so I swam. I also enjoyed bicycling, and did that sporadically as well.

Ease of Movement

These 5 adjustments make for ease of movement.

  • Breathing
  • Shoulders down
  • Not constricting the chest
  • Knee caps/active feet
  • Alignment.

In 1975, I started doing Iyengar yoga where I learned ease of movement! As I flew out of the first class, I felt that I had a new body. By the end of the third class, I had learned the five (primarily postural) adjustments responsible for this ease of movement. A love of movement was awakened in me, and a fire was lit in me (and still blazes today). I felt that everyone needs to know those five adjustments from Iyengar yoga that allow such ease of movement.

Over the next few years, I lost 60 pounds that I have never regained (by improving my diet and habits). My work changed to one that involved a lot of walking, and I continued to enjoy the work, the walking, and the exercise. Motivated by watching exercise programs on TV in the early 1980s, I joined a fitness club. I have since been to a total of seven fitness clubs and workout gyms—9 years of doing it all wrong in several gyms, copying everyone else’s mistakes, following the programs, and making very little progress.

Slow Progress and Frustration

Soon after I joined the first fitness club, I was diagnosed with an unrelated back condition. From back education classes, I added some back exercises to my routine. For a few months, I stopped both the training and the back exercises, which quickly taught me the effects of not exercising. The back pains returned, and as fall and winter approached, I began to feel the cold more than usual, which I realized was an effect of inactivity. As soon as I resumed exercising, I began to feel better. And so I discovered that if I did not train, I was in pain.

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The Birth of Gliding - Body Movements
Article Name
The Birth of Gliding - Body Movements
Learning about body movements with consciousness through injury is how Gliding was discovered.